On Stage


Play freely, without stereotypes and pre-established labels. This is the condition that was denied to Klara and that she herself relives reconstructing her own path from child to woman. Not one, but many nutcrackers to whom shocking and important experiences are linked and which will rebuild the identity of a person free from gender stereotypes, who only wants to live without labels.

Puppenspieler refers to the great Christmas masterpiece THE NUTCRAKER by E.T.A. Hoffman. The focus is on the relationship between the child and its toy, just like Clara and the Nutcracker.

The inner world of Clara is analyzed through her childhood’s experience. Just as a book’s chapters, her strongest memories turns into short puppets performances, HUMAN PUPPETS. She finds herself in her memories.

Choreography / Nyko Piscopo
Photo / Sabrina Cirillo
Music Composer / Alfredo Maddaluno
Costume Designer / Sonia Di Sarno
Head Sculptures / Giuseppe Fata
Puppets / Pina Raiano
Props / Leopoldo Guadagno, Francesco Russo
Light Designer / Raffaele Petrillo
Voice Editor / Vittorio Falconeta
Production / Cornelia

Klara / Roberta Zavino
Drosselmeyer / Elisabetta Violante
Nutcrackers / Sibilla Celesia, Monica Cristiano, Sonia Di Sarno, Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello, Leopoldo Guadagno, Francesco Russo 

Artistic support /  Rosaria Di Maro 

Comune di Napoli, Ex-Asilo Filangieri, Inteatro Residenze, Teatro Bellini di Napoli

Manuela Barbato, Emma Cianchi

Duration / 55 min
Still/digital 2021  – People’s choice award 

Rua da Saudade

Saudade is nostalgia for the future, regret for lost time and anguish for the time to come, it is a latent mood, which tomorrow will be consciousness. This term, of Portuguese origin, cannot be explained or translated into the limited horizon of human words but has found expression in art that has always revealed the boundlessness of human feelings.

La Saudade is an atmosphere, a state of mind, which lends itself perfectly to being painted through the infinite power of images. Studying the main areas where the term finds expression, I deepened the poetics of Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese writer and poet who wrote many pages imbued with Saudade.

His great aesthetic creation is considered the invention of the heteronyms, which spanned his entire life. Inspired by his four main literary personalities, on stage, four dancers will interpret different heteronyms, all well built, with autonomous personalities, each of which has felt its own and intimate form of Saudade.

Each exists as an individual and in relation to the others; this is because the Saudade unlike nostalgia or loneliness is shareable, it can be experienced as an individual but also as a collective.

Saudade means feeling life with all the pores of the skin and learning to give the right value to everything that surrounds us and, however linked to the past and to the present, it is aimed at the future.

Choreography / Adriano Bolognino
Dancers / Rosaria di Maro, Giorgia Longo, Roberta Fanzini, Noemi Caricchia
Photo / Andrea Macchia
Production / CORNELIA


NID Platform 2021
Prize Twain Direzioni Altre 2021


Sleeping Beauty
Work Bitch!

Through the iconic classic The Sleeping Beauty, a CONTEMPORARY FAIRY TAILS come on stage: a GENDER-FREE teenagers placed in the Gen Z. These classical figures interact with a digital voice/entity creating dramatic and ironic nuances revoking the relationship between robot and human, mother and child, teacher and student, business and pleasure. This inner dichotomy is very common during the teenagers growth, as a state of mind that seems a blind alley.. The strong technological presence and the feeling of being part of an useless generation, produces emotional burn out, depersonalization and cynical attitude. Generation Z got the highest level of education and training to date. They have the soft skills the market asks for and yet companies see them as aliens. As children they were mollycoddled, as a generation they’re over criticised; yet as we emerge from the economic crisis, young people want to show their worth.

Sleeping Beauty – Work Bitch! is an ironic POLITICAL MANIFESTO against the unproductive criticism.

Choreography / Nyko Piscopo
Assistants / Francesca Piscopo, Monica Cristiano
Music / Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, Dua Lipa, Billy More
Costume Design / Sonia Di Sarno
Light Design / Nyko Piscopo
Dancers / Eleonora Greco, Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello, Leopoldo Guadagno, Francesco Russo, Roberta Zavino

Teatri Associati Napoli, Interno5

Duration / 45 min

Selected for AnticorpiXL 2019 (Solo version)

Your Body is a Battleground

The title Your body is a battleground refers to the positive/negative image created and disseminated by Barbara Kruger for the women’s march on Washington in 1989, a demonstration demanding women’s rights to self-determination over their bodies, reproductive and abortion rights in the United States. The piece seeks to delve into our individual consciences and into the social awareness of roles today. Who decides what a woman must do or not do? Who decides what she must be or not be? What is the feminine ideal today? What are a woman’s models?

Choreography / Adriano Bolognino
Dance / Rosaria Di Maro
Music /  Moderat – Jon Hopkins
Set Design / Andrea Bolognino
Light Design / Nyko Piscopo
Production / Cornelia


Urban & Site Specific


In undefined space and time, the performers act and react animated by inner feelings or just from outer incitements.
Reaction means life, bodies and minds change replying face to face giving life to a relationship born from a deep CONNECTION.
The duet is about ACTION and REACTION.

Choreograpy / Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello
Performers / Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello & Sibilla Celesia
Production / Cornelia

Danza Urbana XL

Winner of New Dance Generation 2019 and Danzare il Borgo 2019


The project starts from the studio of the Spanish painter Francisco Goya and in particular about the work “Los Caprichos”, in particular Capricho number 43 which seems to come directly from Goya’s fantasy: “The sleep of reason produces monsters”

“The sleeper is oppressed as in a nightmare by sinister nocturnal birds, disturbing grinning faces and a diabolical feline.

These creatures, as suggested by the title, are actually produced by the same mind as the sleeping man.
According to Goya, fantasy is the basis of all creations and the idea is to bring on stage something that is exclusively the result of my fantasy, a superhuman, fantastic character, moved by the fears and desires of my mind and dreams. An undefined body that can move in an unprecedented way, a spontaneous dance created by my imagination and subsequently defined by reason.

Choreography / Adriano Bolognino
Dancer / Rosaria di Maro
Production / Cornelia

Raising Motions 2021 – Home Centro Coreografico

Cross Projects


Imploded, scorned, forced to hypocrisy, Electra is the symbol of a woman who is subjected to the force of destiny and she makes the lament her expressive channel. In this pièce Electra chooses to act, to be brazen, realist, wild and passionate by reclaiming the scene, her space, her sweat, her life!

Man is just one, people behind him can be a hundred and a thousand.

Coreography / Nyko Piscopo
Video-creation / Andrea De Simone
Costume / Pina Raiano
Dancers / Eleonora Greco, Valentina Schisa, Elisabetta Violante
Production / Cornelia
Management / Vittorio Stasi

Campania Teatro Festival 2021

Video Projects


ITALUS is a dancing tree, a mix between branches and moving bodies. The “Green” head sculpture, created for the VANITY FAIR GREEN day, symbolizes the simplicity of nature through organic materials present in the landscape. The earth hosts life and the environment facilitates its reproduction. The mission of human beings is to safeguard it, heal it, exalt it in all its forms and diversities. Nature is dialogue, it is harmony between the parties.

Production / CORNELIA
Head Sculpture / Giuseppe Fata
Performers / Leopoldo Guadagno – Francesca Piscopo
Composer-Sound Designer / ErrorDrive_
Video / Andrea De Simone
Foto / Sabrina Cirillo
Location / Studio Naparte

Alloggiando Festival 2021


Stay together at home enjoying love is a blessing for a couple. But for those used to meet people, to be active and free, It’s definitely way too much togetherness. Someone can go so far as to shouting out anger, smoking a lot, have erotic visions. Threesome is a stop-motion project made to make movement in a freeze-frame time.

Threesome is a stop-motion project made with 400 photos with a Nikon D5000. The series of static images to create movement, choreography and narration is a perfect process to reproduce the static/dynamic era of the Covid-19. The idea came up in quarantine time where the immobility generated many thoughts and memories such as the era of MySpace and animated Gifs.

Concept-Editing / Nyko Piscopo
Music / Bizet, Shchedrin

Carmen / Francesco Russo
Don José / Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello
Escamillo / Leopoldo Guadagno

Produzione/ Cornelia

Year / 2020
Length / 00:03:00

Best Comedy for Brighton FilmPride 2021
Honorable mention at Hangartfest 2020
1st Prize at EurAsia VideoDance Contest 
People’s choice award at Premio Roma Danza

HOT! Festival 2020 at Dixon Place in New York; Fringe! Queer Fil & Arts Fest in London; International Queer Film Festival Merlinka in Belgrade; Moving Body Festival in Varna; Salem State University Dance Film Festival; Semifinalist at Sweden Film Awards; Festival dei Diritti 2020 in Arezzo; etc.


Art is Homeless

Pandemic era caused an untold wound to all of us. The suddenly interrupted spotlight puts the artist into a state of pain and loss of identity. Thus, the prospect of life that each artist builds daily through physical and spiritual sacrifice vanishes.


Director / Nyko Piscopo
Performer / Leopoldo Guadagno
Music / Giacomo Puccini
Set / Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello
Design / Francesco Russo
Supervision / Eleonora Greco
Production / Cornelia

International Moving Film Festival in Iran
Semi-finalist at International Music Video Awards in London.