Cornelia is a dance and performing arts company based in Naples, consisting of five dancers; it organizes dance cycles and festivals. 
The figure of an old woman, as icon of innovation, is a symbol of the longevity of the artistic value intrinsic in everyone, within the richness of different languages.

Cornelia gained skills leading to the creation of various productions including: Zona Rossa by Eleonora Greco in live streaming from Teatro delle Muse in Ancona, Puppenspieler by Nyko Piscopo included in the 2021 dance season of the Teatro Bellini in Naples, Elettra by Nyko Piscopo scheduled for CAMPANIA TEATRO FESTIVAL 2021, Sleeping Beauty - Work Bitch! by Nyko Piscopo and The last one by Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello selected for ANTICORPI XL 2020, Kurup by Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello selected for DANZA URBANA XL, Bluebell- Clean it or Leave it by Francesco Russo participates in the DOMINIO PUBBLICO festival, Art is Homeless and Threesome by Nyko Piscopo won many prizes and special mentions in the field of video dance, including: EURASIA-VIDEODANCE CONTEST, HANGARTFEST 2020, PREMIO ROMA DANZA. The video projects had the opportunity to be included in many online festivals in different cities around the world, including: New York, London, Belgrade, Varna, Sweden, Arezzo, Iran. Your body is a battelground by Adriano Bolognino was at BIENNALE DANZA 2020, RM94978 from Paris to Tenerife by Adriano Bolognino is the winner of the PREMIO PROSPETTIVA PADOVA 2O2O.

In addition, Cornelia collects experiences in the field of artistic organization by carrying out many projects, including: NEXT PROJECT in collaboration with the REGIONE LOMBARDIA for FATTORIA VITTADINI, PAUSA PALCO dance program at the Teatro Ateneo for three years, with the aim of raising awareness among the public on the outskirts of Naples, MOVI | MENTALE Dance and Video Festival at TEATRO AREA NORD in collaboration with Teatri Associati and Interno5, CILENTART FEST in collaboration with Vittorio Stasi and Teatro Pubblico Campano.