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Ammutinamenti – Festival di danza urbana e d’autore 2020

The Last One by Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello and Sleeping Beauty (work bitch) by Nyko Piscopo has been selected over 106 applications. The performances will be held at Teatro Alighieri in Ravenna on September 2020. But before you can enjoy Kurup by Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello in the Urban Performances section at Deserto Rosso park. Yes, you can watch our performances in and out.

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coreography Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello
dancers Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello and Valeria Nappi
production Cornelia
photographer Sabrina Cirillo
winner of Danza Urbana XL – Network Anticorpi XL

«… I love action, I love thinking, I love my struggle, you are a human being in my struggle …»

In undefined space and time, the performers act and react animated by inner feelings or just from outer incitements. Reaction means life, bodies and minds change replying face to face giving life to a relationship born from a deep connection.

Sleeping Beauty (work bitch)

direction and choreography Nyko Piscopo
with Leopoldo Guadagno
music Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
costume designer Solé Dancewear
produced by Cornelia

Through the iconic fairy tale The Sleeping Beauty, a contemporary Aurora comes up on stage: a gender-free teenager placed in the Millennials era. The strong technological presence and the feeling of being part of a useless generation produce emotional burn out, depersonalization and cynical attitude.
Why can’t I get this mundane stuff done? Because I’m burned out. Why am I burned out? Because I’ve internalized the idea that I should be working all the time. Why have I internalized that idea? Because everything and everyone in my life has reinforced it – explicitly and implicitly – since I was young.
Life has always been hard, but many Millennials are unequipped to deal with the particular era in which it has become hard for us to live in. Sleeping Beauty (work bitch) is a political manifesto against the sterile critical towards the youngest generations.

The Last One

by and with Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello
produced by Cornelia
music Sika
costume designer Solé Dancewear
supported by Residanza – La casa della nuova coreografia 2019, bando di ospitalità e residenza coreografica azione Gap! Change! Now! Projects for the next dance generation – Movimento Danza 2018/2020

Men have always tried to change weather (temperature, humidity, pressure and winds): they danced, they prayed, they made human sacrifices to get more or less rain, to be more or less hot, but the weather always remained unchangeable because it is independent and unpredictable.
The last human being in a dystopian and dark future, engaged overnight in the final, desperate fertilization attempt. This is the concept, developed through the story of a humanoid wrapped in his armor, survived by mistake for million years of abuses against Mother Nature, unable to produce energy by himself, trying to steal the one remaining on Earth to breath and perpetuate his ritual.
The post apocalyptic scene, the vain attempt to apply an ancestral ritual hoping that it could give back life and welfare to the world’s ruins, despite the absolute modernity.
The Planet is dead, except for him, struggling for survival, running away from death and extinction.
The “point of no return” concept is amplified by wheezy breaths, heavy movements and extended times. This is a coreography that builds up to the “spannung” with a high but sinister energy, driving the audience into “another” place, bringing it breathless until the end of the performance.

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